About Karolien Notebaert

Hack your own brain

In the past decades of continuous development, the world has become significantly more complex presenting itself with large uncertainty. Accordingly, a new way of life has evolved that marked by increased pressure is burdening the overall performance of our brain and body. In spite of the difficulties presented, we evolve to keep on improving in order to overcome challenges for success. Nonetheless, according to Karolien Notebaert, PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, rather the opposite is true as she believes the significant extend of societal pressure is rather limiting our cognitive efficiency. In her talk “Hack your own brain”, she presents mindful self-regulation as a pressure-relieving mechanism. Describing it as the capacity to manage ourselves and the internal blockages that limit our potential, Karolien explains how the latter can reduce stress in specific areas of the brain synergistically improving performances of other areas that excell our mean peak performance both professionally and privately. Her talk aims to create consciousness and openness to embrace the power to unlock our talents, capacity and skills. On stage of TEDxUHasselt, her main focus will be to guide you on how to unlock the brain’s full potential.