We are proud to announce TEDxUHasselt 2018: Moonshot Thinking. Apply for a ticket for this day filling event, taking place on the 24th of March at the Hasselt University (Campus Diepenbeek, Building D) and be inspired by fifteen talks from national and international top speakers with mind-blowing talks, entertaining workshops, live music and more…


We are sure you’ve all heard of ‘moonshot thinking’, but what does it really mean?

Humans have dreams. Whether they are small or not, we all strive to make them come true. That is exactly what the human race did in the 1960s, when we literally started aiming for the moon. The challenges we faced for this project where enormous. Luckily, the radical dream has led us to invent even more radical technology. They brought us to a place 384.000 km from here.

In the decades following the moon landing, however, the human race seemed to be less ambitious. Humans started to focus on improving our current technologies, rather than chasing disruptive innovation. In order to face the challenges laying ahead of us, people recently realized this attitude needed to change: the concept of moonshot thinking was born. And right now, the human race seems ambitious as ever.

Moonshot thinking indicates the philosophy that we should make things 10 times better instead of 10% better. Invent electric propulsion, instead of more efficient diesel engines. Invent self-driving cars, instead of traditional cars. Showing creativity and thinking outside the box can put a man on the moon, metaphorically and literally. It is better to reinvent from the ground up, rather than to invest large amounts of resources on the incremental changes to existing technology.

Moonshot thinking is what we need to face challenges like the diminishing global resources and global warming. But at TEDxUHasselt, we believe that this inspiring concept can not only be applied to world-wide problems, but also to our own individual lives: “Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you will still land among the stars.” With our event, we bring you stories of people trying to face challenges on an individual or a global scale. We aim to show you how everyone, young and old, can take on their own moonshot projects. Let TEDxUHasselt 2018: Moonshot Thinking inspire you.



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