Tweaking your brains to absorb information better while you are asleep.

About Iliana Vargas (US)

It was at the age of 17 that Iliana Vargas, after reading an article in Scientific American, became interested in neuroscience. Ever since, her interest in neural processes that underlie cognition has grown exponentially.

After successfully completing her undergraduate studies in Psychology, she started her PhD studies at Northwestern University, researching how memories are consolidated and stored in different regions of our brain. More specifically, she is investigating whether sounds during your sleep can reactivate and improve your memory. Tweaking our brains to absorb information better while we are sleeping? Count the TEDxUHasselt team in! Lots of food for thought in this talk by a ‘Forbes 30 Under 30 in Science’ and ‘Top 30 Thinkers Under 30’ nominee. 


Due to unforseen circumstances, this speaker had to cancel their talk at TEDxUHasselt 2016.