Koen Timmers @ TEDxUHasselt 2021

Koen Timmers

Do you automatically feel a cold shiver whenever you have to attend your classes via video call?

Yes! It can be frustrating at times, but we are very lucky to have this! On the other side of the world many students struggle with their school career, they are delighted with these technologies providing them qualitative education. The creator behind the hightech software platform is not only a teacher himself, he is also a researcher and has launched several educational projects across the world. This man goes by the name of Koen Timmers.

Koen is known for being declared as one of the 10 best teachers in the world by entrepreneur and philanthropist Bill Gates in 2018. With his projects our speaker pursuits a bigger goal, taking our current education to a higher level while at the same time realizing a world without critical sustainability problems. In this journey he has worked with the WWF, UN, NASA and more. Koen has also received personal endorsements from Jane Goodall, Dalai Lama, The Queen, and Charlize Theron. His Innovation Lab Schools and Climate Action Project reached 2.5 million students in 140 countries and were covered by CNN, National Geographic, BBC and Netflix.

At our online TEDx event, Koen will take everyone along on his global journey to teach and connect all people throughout the use of technology and a winners mindset to educate not only students, but people of all ages. In his talk Koen will create a new sense of consciousness that will broaden your understanding of education and the bond between people on a world-scale.


Bert Brugghemans @ TEDxUHasselt 2021

Bert Brugghemans

Have you experienced the full potential of your inner flame?

Did you know that you can pass your flame on to others, strengthening their character and capabilities to achieve even greater accomplishments?

Ever since 2017, Bert Brugghemans has been lifting the standards of the Antwerp fire department as their Chief Officer. Bert has not only fulfilled his duty as the charismatic leader of more than 850 professional firefighters. He has also been optimizing their actions towards fire responses and the safety of the community in the Antwerp metropolitan area. Easier said than done, since the Port of Antwerp contains one of the biggest petrochemical clusters in the world.

To achieve this, Bert looks for your internal flame and fuels it to connect with yourself and your relatives. He is an experienced entrepreneurial leader, CEO & board member, a forward thinker and collaborative networker. Our speaker is driven by making societies more resilient to crises, complexity and chaos. Working on all kinds of future discontinuities, societal continuity, his ultimate goal is to improve urban resilience.


Filip Lardon @ TEDxUHasselt 2021

Filip Lardon

Cancer Researcher Filip Lardon, who is a full professor and vice-rector at the Antwerp University, is always looking for new methods to deal with cancers in a new and improved way. He is an expert at the cradle of research where he will amaze you with the latest inventions that will break the existing treatments.

Cancer is a disease that causes an enormous number of fatalities worldwide. It's a devastating disease that scares us all. However, soon those roles will be reversed and cancer will be the one who needs to be scared!

Professor Lardon predicts that between today and ten years, 80 percent of the people with cancer will be able to receive chronic treatment with an excellent chance of survival.


Ann Wauters @ TEDxUHasselt 2021

Ann Wauters

How do you maintain a good team spirit in a highly competitive world full of egos, where it is very easy to lose sight of the common goal?

The captain of the Belgian Cats and professional basketball player Ann Wauters will answer these questions in her talk, telling a captivating story of what it takes to stay physically and mentally at the top of her game. She has won the Euroleague 4 times, a WNBA title and a bronze medal at the European Championship with the Belgian national team. Ann was named European player of the year 5 times. Her track record proves she has figured out how to work in a team and be successful in a very competitive world.

Ann shares her unique experience as a top athlete and testifies about what really counts in team sports. A heartfelt story with personal experiences and illustrated with gripping images.

She shoots... she scores!


Luc Stockx @ TEDxUHasselt 2021

Luc Stockx

Have you ever been in a situation where you could have saved somebody’s life?

Top Doctor Luc Stockx, sees utter importance in the early recognition of symptoms that relate to an acute stroke and the benefit this contributes by taking fast action.

As an Interventional radiologist, Luc treats patients with vascular disorders from the inside by reopening the obstructed vessel to reoxygenate the brain before it’s too late.

In this treatment, time plays a major role.

In Luc’s TEDx Talk, you will find out about what signs to look for and how calling 112 can massively impact somebody’s life.

Someday, you may have to be that person who can save a person’s life.


Danny Vanpoucke @ TEDxUHasselt 2021

Danny Vanpoucke

Can you imagine a world where you have total control?

Computational Research is evolving at an increasingly high-speed meaning that simulations are no longer just toys but something more special, something that can do research and actually replace ‘real’ experiments.

Danny Vanpoucke is currently developing an artificial intelligence framework aimed at predicting and guiding experimental design of new materials. His need to understand everything, and try everything (at least simulation wise) makes life feel a bit like that of a delocalized particle: everywhere at once.

During his TEDx talk, he will enlighten you with his belief that computational research in the case of materials science will take over the role of most experimental work in the near future.


Oswald Devisch @ TEDxUHasselt 2021

Oswald Devisch

Designing a neighbourhood that fills everyone’s expectations, sounds like an impossible mission...

Is your neighborhood as off balance as the tower of Pisa? Then this is definitely the talk for you! Oswald Devisch will attempt to (re)build your understanding of building communities with an architectural point of view.

Oswald is one of the Belgian experts in the field of Urban Design who likes to give a new meaning and purpose to the Belgian landscape. He is an associate professor in Urban Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts, Hasselt University and coordinates the research cluster Spatial Capacity Building.



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