About Wim Smets

The only way is up

One can always improve...one can always climb higher. Is it about pursuing your passion...or is it only about touching the top of the world? There are many ways to express the dangerous passion of alpinists. According to Wim Smets— Belgian record holder in climbing mountains higher than 8000 metres—it is definitely more than reaching the summit. As one of the three Belgians ever to complete the glorious “Seven Summits”, he enjoys engaging in the unknown while accepting difficult challenges. For him it is all about pushing your boundaries to the limit, both on a physical and metal level.

Holding an MBA from the Vlerick Business School, Wim is also an experienced IT project manager who knows what it takes to lead the tough reorganization of IT departments within multinationals and governments worldwide.  In his talk entitled “The only way is up”, he focuses on his experience as an alpinist emphasising important parallels between facing the most imposing mountains he has ever climbed and confronting everyday-challenges. His talk on the stage of TEDxUHasselt 2018 is foremost an inspiring story about living on the edge while making the most of all. Particularly, Wim will target on how to hunt down your own Mount Everest while confronting all obstacles that come along so to become agile, resilient and passionate about life.