Bringing the context back into learning

Games are usually considered just for fun or even a waste of time. Thijs de Vries does not agree: in this talk, he shares his vision on how gaming techniques can be applied to perhaps the last places you would expect: schools and companies.

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About Thijs De Vries (NL)

Thijs de Vries M.Sc. is designer, facilitator and speaker on the intersection of engagement design, gamification and serious gaming.

After graduating at the Technical University Delft in the masters program Design for Interaction, Thijs founded the engagement design studio Creative Seeds. As a user experience designer Thijs has worked on many innovative designs in the field of engagement design and persuasion. This led to his expertise on incorporating gamification into products and services for education, health care and sustainability. Besides running his own studio, Thijs is CTO of EduApp, an educational platform for promoting educational apps in the classroom. He is also one of the co-founders of Game Driven Innovation which aims to inspire companies about the possibilities of gamification.