About Steven Latré

When will my car be driverless?

OK Google, please get my car! And effortlessly your car arrives right in front of your doorway. Brushed-off and freshly showered you get in and ask your automattic pilot to drive you to work. Watching the latest episode of your favorite TV show while sipping carefree from your freshly brewed coffee in the busy morning traffic, your car drops you of safe and sound at entrance of  your workplace. Sounds good to be true, right? According to Prof. Steven Latré, leader of the Antwerp IDLab research group and Belgian authority on the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the latter is soon to become reality. Researching the potential of these technologies, Steven has no doubt that soon AI will have an extremely valuable impact on our lives. During his talk, entitled “When will my car be driverless?”, he discusses the current progress in his field and emphasises on how research and development will in this area will evolve towards the future. Answering the question How close are we at realising a driverless dream?, Steven will take you on a mind-altering but above all futuristic journey. Don’t miss his moonshot talk on the stage of TEDxUHasselt 2018.