About Saskia Van Uffelen (BE)

The world around us is changing constantly. The Digital Revolution, however, that started in the 1950s and is still proliferating today, is perhaps one of the most significant and disrupting developments in human history. In our present society, in which over 50 billion devices are connected, competition does not come from the ‘sector’ any longer. Moreover, altering our daily lives, Saskia van Uffelen, CEO of Ericsson BeLux, will discuss how the digital transformation is also modifying our conventional business models and our traditional sectoral view. On stage of TEDxUHasselt 2017, she will focus on how our entry to the digital era, that moved us to a sharing economy and flat organisations, has put us in the lead of reshaping our economy. In het talk entitled “Dare to Disrupt”, she will clarify that the Digital Revolution is more than just technology, but rather a change in society enabling us to create an excelling civilisation for future generations.