Reading the book of life

Sequencing the human genome has been possible for quite a while, but has always been very expensive. Pol van Dorpe is working on technology that's about to change this and will make it affordable for everyone. In this talk, Pol van Dorpe explains how this technology will change the world.

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About Pol van Dorpe

Pol Van Dorpe is currently active as a principal scientist at Imec, Leuven and part time professor at the physics department of the KULeuven. In 2006, he obtained his PhD at the faculty of engineering of the KULeuven in 2006, after which he was appointed as a postdoctoral fellow of the FWO-Flanders (2006-2012), based in Imec, and focused on metal based nanophotonics, or plasmonics for biosensors and energy harvesting. During this period he worked for some time in Stanford University and he set up world-wide collaborations with renowned scientists in this field.

His work has led to over 50 peer-reviewed papers in high impact factor journals and has attracted more than 1000 citations. Currently he is active in the bio-nano-electronics department of Imec and his main research focus is applying nanophotonics concepts to create new ways to unravel the sequence of the DNA, i.e. the genetic code.