Exploring and envisioning the future

In this talk, future explorer Nik Baerten explains the value of stories and images of the future as tools and playgrounds for worldbuilding. He invites everyone to render tangible the alternative, future worlds that now live only in our minds.

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About Nik Baerten

Nik Baerten was trained as a knowledge engineer at Hasselt and Maastricht University. For several years he was active as a multidisciplinary researcher at the Digital Culture department of the Maastricht McLuhan Institute, where he blended insights across disciplines such as history, design, architecture, new media, philosophy, intelligent systems, organic systems, etc.

In 2004 he co-founded Pantopicon, a studio for futures exploration and envisioning, based in Antwerp where he guides both public and private organizations in exploring long term challenges through alternative future scenarios, in building visions and strategies, in designing concepts for new products, services and experiences.