About Michiel Vandeweert

Life's short, make the most of it

Imagine growing up with the knowledge that you will only live until your mid-teens to early twenties. It is a harsh rationale, nonetheless a regrettable reality for individuals affected by progeria. Worldwide, nearly one of four million newborns are affected with his extremely rare genetic disorder. Forcing the body to stop growth, while aging at an incredibly fast rate, patients with this incurable disease are left with only one option: to enjoy their life to the fullest. Belgian Michiel Vandeweer, 19, suffers from progeria. Despite the limitations and the negative effects of the disease, Michiel tries to enjoy his life to the fullest, even though he realises that most people with his condition die around the age of 14. His condition forms no barrier between him and his dreams: being a dj, getting his drivers’ license or getting a job. With this attitude, Michiel hopes to be a source of inspiration to everyone around him. His life is an immense challenge with an unknown outcome, but despite all the inconveniences, Michiel’s positive attitude in life is remarkable. He therefore is the right person to take the word on the stage of ‘TEDxUHasselt 2018: Moonshot Thinking’ to deliver an inspiring talk about making the best of whatever lies ahead of you.