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Are you addicted to Facebooze? When feeling unsure, do you grasp Whiskeypedia? Join Social mediaAA! A performance by poetry slammer Jee Kast.

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About Jee Kast

If there is one name you have to remember when speaking of Belgian poetry slammers. It's Jee Kast. Mr. who? Mr. Closet, you know, the thing with mostly books in them. He produces language msitakes, puns, Never-to-be-used pick-uplines, (slam) poetry and spoken words, ... and actually everything related with words. For ten years, he roams from small stages to big ones in the Benelux. He ended up as finalist of Belgium's Got Talent, twice highly ranked in the Dutch National slampionship and well, he can say that he is one of the most booked slam-artists in Belgium.

"(ik hoor) stemmen in de leeszaal" (poetry booklet), "ik wou iets liefs tegen je zeggen" (pick-up lines) and "stockholm" (CD, 2012) are just few of his various productions and there is bound to come more your way.