The Surprising Truth About Inspiring Others

The surprising truth about inspiring others.

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About Jaymin Patel (USA)

After a ‘defining moment’ in the 3rd grade due to his skin color, Jaymin Patel has ever since been driven to be different. He has traveled around the globe, held a variety of job positions—from waiter to forklift driver to model to actor to C-suite adviser for large corporations. He has started 3 companies in 3 different countries, is a Bollywood dancer and choreographer, and has lived in or visited over 40 countries (including all 50 states in USA). Besides this, he is also known for giving amazing hugs.

Jaymin is driven by a passion to understand and celebrate what makes people unique and different. He has dedicated his life to teaching people how to achieve their goals, and live a full and authentic existence. Now. this international speaker, coach, author of 7 books, and networking rockstar is ready to rock the TEDxUHasselt stage.