A Front Row Seat for the Wonders of Nature

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About James Brickell (UK)

Filmmaker James Brickell, winner of two BAFTA awards, is a force of nature to be reckoned with. Inspired by people like Jacques Cousteaux and Sir David Attenborough, he became fascinated by wildlife at a very young age—filling his parents’ house with all sorts of animals, from snakes to tarantulas. 

He grew up to direct some of the most highly regarded UK wildlife series like ‘Life in Cold Blood’ and ‘Deadly 60’, taking him to places all over the world. From filming Great White Sharks off the Cape coast to searching in abandoned caves in Australia for the illusive Ghost Bats, James has done it all.

Indulge in his journey of a life behind the camera, taking you through humbling and life-changing experiences, and showing you the power of creativity and teamwork in challenging situations.