The future of commuting in a globalised world

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About iRail

iRail started around September 2008 as the mobile website that still exists today ( Yeri Tiete ("Tuinslak") noticed there was no mobile alternative for the NMBS/SNCB site and decided to create it himself. The idea of iRail was to provide a simple interface to quickly look up train departure times in Belgium.

In January 2011, the iRail NPO was established. iRail is now much more than just a mobile website. They are specifying an API for anyone to implement or use, and are further developing the iRail site and the accompanying BeTrains applications for various platforms. Some other projects, like BeLaws, found a place under the iRail NPO umbrella as well.

The iRail members continue developing the mobile website and applications. Furthermore, they advocate for the benefits of open data, for example by organizing or attending events and workshops.

At TEDxUHasselt both Yeri Tiete and Pieter Colpaert will be speaking.