About Edward Schiettecatte (BE)

The concept of neuroplasticity has drastically changed the understanding of our brain in the past decade. The ability of our brain to reorganise itself by forming new neuronal connections throughout life has unfolded novel insights and prospects in how our brain can adjust in response to new stimulations and changes to its environment. At TEDxUHasselt 2017, Edward Schiettecatte will describe how neuroplasticity can be put in use to compensate for injury and disease, providing life-changing therapies to patients who have no other viable chance of recovery. During his talk entitled “TRAINM: A new concept of neurorehabilitation”, he will explain how he and his son came to the idea to start TRAINM—the first and only outpatient neurorehabilitation center that offers patient-personalized high intensity therapies integrated with non-invasive brain stimulation, neurotechnology, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Edward will focus on research that has proven to enhance positive neurostimulation and will emphasise the importance of bridging discoveries in neuro-research and patients’ needs in order to keep innovating in neurorehabilitation.