Overturning a Cancer Dogma

This talk by a 'Forbes 30 under 30 in Science' nominee will show you how science continuously evolves, and can replace one consensus with another... if only we dare to be critical enough, and not afraid to challenge what is claimed to be the truth.

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About Corina Antal (US)

During her doctoral work in Biomedical Sciences, Dr. Corina Antal, from the University of California, San Diego, challenged a decades-old dogma in the field of cancer research. Her findings on mutations in DNA showed that enzymes long believed to promote cancer actually suppress it. To recognise her efforts, she has been rewarded with various fellowships like the prestigious Damon Runyon Fellowship.

Her studies have created ripples throughout the field, since they do more than just falsify a well-accepted theory on how cancers grow. They also explain why all the attempts to develop drugs based on this theory have failed, thus saving researchers from wasting further efforts. Her research implies that it might even be possible to treat cancer by restoring the activity of these enzymes—something quite contradictory to original believes!