How to Get Away with Humor

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About Comrade Fatso and Outspoken (ZW)

With their ingenious spoofs, top Zimbabwean creatives Samm Farai aka Comrade Fatso and Tongai Makawa aka Outspoken have created waves of laughter locally as well as globally. After meeting in the underground hip-hop scene, they joined forces and created Zambezi News—a show that delivers some of the sharpest satire the continent has ever seen—while risking their own lives.

Already spanning four seasons, Zambezi News is defining itself as one of the pioneering satirical voices and shining examples on the African continent, using humor to cleverly deal with Zimbabwe’s complex political and social issues like corruption and oppression. Despite being the subject of regular harassment and threats, the crew continues to bravely create the daring show that is screened to over 6 million Zimbabweans, and is getting global recognition with features on CNN and BBC. This is a talk that will remind us why laugher is so important in this world.