From Fear to Flow

A mesmerizing talk about survival, hyper-awareness, and high-pressure environments. You flow or you die! 

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About Cedric Dumont (BE)

Born in Brussels, Belgium, Cedric Dumont has always been the ‘first one to jump in’ when the words 'action' and 'adventure sports' are mentioned.  His life as a full time Red Bull athlete revolves around freedom, commitment and pushing personal limits on a daily basis. Not only has he seen amazing places, his work has also taught him respect for the environment and others, has given him an unprecedented drive for improvement, and has kept him humble on those ‘high gravity' days.

The ability to meet new people all over the globe, to be close to the elements, and to share and inspire keeps him moving and fascinates him. It has resulted in a free, mindful, and engaged lifestyle. But not only does he live on the edge himself, as a graduate in Applied Sports & High Performance Psychology he coaches other professional athletes to provide them with the mental edge and skills necessary to achieve their extreme goals and unleash their full potential.