About Carine Lucas

Why software matters to you

Digital technologies have evolved exponentially over the past decade and every aspect of our daily lives is touched by software. Moreover, the internet enables global cooperation at an unprecedented scale, and makes knowledge and tools available to you and me. Building software applications has never been easier. Still, too many (young) people do not grasp the full impact and potential of software or how it can enable them to build solutions. People still think software is “for nerds”, “not interesting” or “not relevant to them”.

Carine Lucas, PhD in Computer Science, recognizes the potential of software like no other. Having extended experience in ICT research, she carried out an advising role for numerous tech-inspired projects. Her mission is to help companies understand how to capture value and grow building on software-based innovations. As such, Carine is a forerunner of the moonshot thinking philosophy in terms of digital and technical innovations.

On the stage of TEDxUHasselt 2018, she will demonstrate the power software brings to all of us. In her talk entitled “Why software matters to you”, she explains how increasingly important it is to overcome digital barriers and embrace the potential of software.