Gravity with an ON/OFF Switch

Using the power of physics to manipulate gravity.

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About André Fuzfa (BE)

With a PhD in Theoretical Physics in the field of Cosmology in his pocket, André Fuzfa is a professor at the University of Namur, and is well on his way to turn science fiction into reality.

Working within the field of the physical nature of dark energy and extensions of Einstein’s general relativity, Prof. Fuzfa has made a bold but grounded claim that mankind has the ability to create and control artificial gravitational fields with technology currently available. By doing this, he has thrown out a snowball, which might very soon turn into an avalanche of futuristic applications.

Come listen to the story, told by a ‘Wernaers Award for Popularization of Science’ winner, about research that could one day result in astronauts walking, like captain Kirk or Han Solo, rather than floating around in their spaceships.