About Abigail Carson

Determined? Then go for it!

Inventing a solution that could provide the missing link for a renewable energy revolution? That’s something you can expect from experienced researchers and engineers in sophisticated labs on billion dollar projects. However, it was Abigail Carson, at the time a 21 years old undergraduate engineering student at Lancaster University (UK), who knew to impress the energy industry with a brilliant idea. Starting from a school project, she developed a very innovative, efficient and unique design for a Flywheel Energy Storage system, with the size of a football and fifteen times more dense than any energy storage method on the market. Getting these systems to perform at a much higher level than before, this bright student created a future-proof product which is ‘green’, recyclable, maintenance-free with an indefinite lifespan. Convinced that imagination is far more important than knowledge, and that the right mindset can lead you to become the next moonshot thinker, this talented engineer will share the amazing story behind her invention stage of TEDxUHasselt. With her talk “Determined? Then go!” she aims to spread the message that all opportunities come with their own challenges.