A small, informal, conference on the evening of September 26th: that's TEDxUHasseltSalon. Passionate speakers from different areas will share how communication creates change!

The appointment of Martin Cooper as an honorary doctor of Hasselt University is the perfect opportunity to organize a TEDxUHasseltSalon with the theme Communication Creates Change. This theme fits perfectly with the invention of Mr. Cooper: the mobile phone. Five speakers will be looking to answer questions such as how technology will change the way we communicate and how you can change your communication to be more successful.




  • Wouter Vanoppré
  • Thomas Stockx
  • Maxim Renaerts
  • Martijn Croonen
  • Jo Van der Auwera
  • Hans Schroyen
  • Roel Wuytens
  • Yves Ruland
  • Sigrid Swennen
  • Rutger Bevers
  • Niels Peetermans
  • Domien Schepers

There are no additional helpers for this event.