TEDxUHasselt2017 Did you know?

After having Accepted the Challenge for TEDxUHasselt 2016, we couldn’t sit idly and brought to our University community our salon event, Life is Science. Following from our successes, all made possible by your enthusiasm to partake in the tradition of TEDx of learning and sharing, and by our partners, we are eager to launch an even more memorable and impactful event.

For TEDxUHasselt2017 we strive to push the boundary as we bring together 13 speakers from around the globe, each with a boundary-breaking talk to share with you. This will be an all day event for learning and networking, all while in an uplifting atmosphere. With 13 inspirational talks, all staggered with intermissions for lunch, refreshments, musical performances, and workshops, we aim for an eventful day. But this would only be possible with your participation.

All talks of the event are available on YouTube and are bundled in this playlist. The aftermovie is also available below or on YouTube.




  • Damian Robinson
  • Linh Jans
  • Martijn Luyckx
  • Ward Habraken
  • Ine Vanhoudt
  • Ulrike Linsen
  • Sara Benyahya
  • Aslihan Babayigit
  • Sigrid Swennen
  • Jonas Lieben
  • Yannick Simons
  • Dimitri Schepers
  • Noah Crauwels

  • Daan