From connecting mobile gaming with raising funds, to connecting the experience of food with the perception of pain. TEDxUHasselt 2014 speakers have one thing in common: they create breakthrough innovation by making unexpected connections.

On Saturday March 29th 2014, speakers from around the world will share innovative ideas in talks of maximum 18 minutes; creating the ultimate brain spa.


Side activities


  • Wouter Vanoppré
  • Maxim Renaerts
  • Martijn Croonen
  • Jo Van der Auwera
  • Thomas Stockx
  • Hans Schroyen
  • Roel Wuytens
  • Sigrid Swennen
  • Rutger Bevers
  • Yves Ruland
  • Niels Peetermans
  • Domien Schepers

There are no additional helpers for this event.